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I cannot even express the level of joy this has given me…
Probably something shady going on :iconsilkencat:'s very normal comepetition about stuffed fiction. Go check it out…
1) Two of the most common and almost unescapable topics on dA and pretty much everywhere else, are ponies and boobs. They are EVERYWHERE. Surprisingly, not combined all that often.

2) Managing my watches and I have to say; the nostalgia is PUNCHING ME IN THE FACE. Really hard, too. ;-;

3) I may close the account. Just a thought that crossed my mind, since I don't do anything anymore. The main reason I'm still here is because of the watches and some other message stuff.

So, to cap it off:
•Be on your guard.
•Goodbye forever. Maybe.

PS) Does anyone else feel as if dA is being abandoned? It's like people are slowing down to a point where they don't upload stuff anymore.
Classic meets modern - Art Trade by Pokemoniac
Classic meets modern - Art Trade
Firstly, I apologise for the horrible colour; the pencils I used are just dreadful.

This is an Art Trade with :iconhonrupi: as part of her 1000+ Watchers special.

Honrupi I would like you to draw one of the following;
-My character, Pal… (If you need any info, just ask. PS his stripe is thinner than portrayed.)
-Greninja in a fancy ninja pose.

Many thanks in advance.

A brief history on my DA life. Enjoy.

I started on the 5th of April, 2012. At this time, I was only posting art I had made a few years beforehand.

Giratina: Altered Form by Pokemoniac

After some time, I got creative and decided to make a Fakedex under the name of 'Varrock'.

Varrock Pokedex by Pokemoniac

Sprites were moving slowly, but I am still gathering ideas, so something may happen in the near or distant future. This creative outburst became my inspiration for what will be known forever as the worst fiction that could have been ever been born from a person, and should never be reattempted. Multiple complaints from artists whom appear to have left forced me to shut it down.

I made a gift piece for :iconelectrobolt:. This was a Grass-Type starter collection for her own story, but were never used as far as I'm aware. Furthermore, I ruined it by adding Fire and Water-Types.

Mirai Starters by Pokemoniac

A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon craze developed into a comic. Team Comet became public on 30/Mar/13. While they scraped views together every now and then, they only really got one fan. I am very appreciative of them for it, too. Thank you, :iconpansy147:, you were a big help with my motivation.

Team Comet: Chapter 1 New Beginnings Part 1 by Pokemoniac

After the comic died through laziness and obscurity, I noticed a well-known group called 'Pokémon Crossing' which has now closed down. I came to find it through :icontamarinfrog:'s very popular 'Jenna the Ampharos' character. It inspired me to make my own characters. Jack, a nine-year-old Chinchou, was born. He was loved by no one and hated by all.

Jack the Chinchou by Pokemoniac

After this I stopped making art completely. School, artist block and just pure laziness slowed me down to a halt. This was a huge time period. It wasn't until :iconsilkencat: came up with a competition that I came out of my shell to do something.

Contset Entry - Lickikhan by Pokemoniac

When the Pokémon X and Y versions were released, I became creative once more. It was the inspiration for my first fully developed character. I have a lot planned for him.

Pal Kuro - Full Body by Pokemoniac

Now, I've gone back into my habit of doing nothing.

So, to sum up, there was fan art;

PKMN FAN NEIL wants to fight! by Pokemoniac


Rhopal Scudders - Full Body by Pokemoniac

and my favourite piece of mine (for a second time).

Pal Kuro - Full Body by Pokemoniac

Happy birthday, DA!

And well done to everyone here for their AMAZING work! Keep at it!

I cannot even express the level of joy this has given me…


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